Bamboo Going Solo?

Posted by keSSen On 12:17 PM 2 comments

It was early this year when the band (Bamboo) called it quits. Speculations then came that the frontman, Bamboo Mañalac, will go solo. Now, Pancho Gonzales, former manager of the band, said in a facebook fanpage:

"Just got a call from bamboo asking if i was still interested in managing him. Pancho Gonzales"

He then clarified that it was Bamboo Mañalac who called, not the band:

"SORRY GUYS NOT THE BAND. BAMBOO MANALAC is the one who called."

It seems that Gonzales hasn't made a decision yet:

"if i do take the job you will all know. Thank you Pancho Gonzales"

The fans are still waiting for the next journey of Bamboo and the band. Many are still hoping that the band will reform again. But they won't complain if Bamboo goes solo. Like what some fan said, "Bamboo's going solo. Better than no Bamboo at all. :)"


gaya gaya nanaman cya kay rico, anu ba tlga, mga pinoy band GOES STUPID>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Will support Bamboo M. solo or not! I miss him!^^