Bamboo Has Disbanded

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I've abandoned this blog for years and I think its time to keep it running again. I wanted to start the first post for this year in a positive mood but unfortunately, I also want to post about this breaking news. It was early January when the news was broken by Kat Alano in KC Montero's radio show - Bamboo (the band) has disbanded. Lead vocalist, Bamboo Mañalac, confirmed the news in a statement at their official website:

Its very frustrating for a lot of their followers/believers (that includes me!) to know that the most prominent rock band in the Philippines have disbanded. I have learned from some of the believers that lead guitarist, Ira Cruz, is joining another band (I forgot the name of the band). But I have never confirmed it.

I've been looking forward to watch their concerts for this year. But sad to say, I won't be seeing them again... not until their Reunion Concert...